Amsterdam Cycling Guide


Expect consistently smooth tarmac, usually along a quaint canal, and a deep bike culture. Cyclists, welcome home… just bring your knee warmers.

  • Rides per Week 27,298
  • Miles per Week 703,385
Amsterdam Running Guide

Top Cycling Routes in Amsterdam

  1. Ronde Hoep

    • Distance 23.6 mi
    • Elevation 508 ft

    This is by far the most popular route for cyclists from Amsterdam. It's easy to reach from the city and brings you to the beautiful countryside within fifteen minutes. There are...

    • Bakker Out
    • Berlagebrug (Brug 423)
    • and 5 more
  2. Rondje Gooimeer, Eemmeer en Loosdrechtse Plassen

    • Distance 79.8 mi
    • Elevation 1,495 ft

    A nice cocktail of four Dutch provinces in one ride, you'll follow the beautiful rivers to the south while riding through cute villages. In the woods at Lage Vuursche there will...

    • Bodega
    • Café Ome Ko
    • and 5 more
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  4. Amsterdam - Purmerena

    • Distance 31.4 mi
    • Elevation 400 ft

    This route goes into the area called Waterland and you'll find out why soon enough. The first part of the route is alongside the former sea dyke and leads all the way to the cut...

    • Marchal Cycle You
    • Schellingwouderbrug (Brug 55P)
    • Vijf en Zoet
  5. Rondje Hoorn/A7

    • Distance 71.5 mi
    • Elevation 1,138 ft

    Perhaps not the most attractive roads to start with, this route brings you as soon as possible to the very nice landscapes of Noord-Holland. You will be constantly riding past d...

    • kdv billie
    • Rijkspont 5 Zaandam
  6. Marker Museum

    • Distance 29.8 mi
    • Elevation 382 ft

    The best of Waterland in a short ride, containing the cobbles at Durgerdam, a dyke along the former sea, and the narrow and challenging path around the island of Marken.

    • De Oude Taveerne
    • De Taanderij
    • and 3 more
  7. Beachlife

    • Distance 69.1 mi
    • Elevation 1,758 ft

    Riding to the western part of the Amsterdam area can be quite busy, but this route makes sure you avoid all of this and you can fully enjoy the hours in the saddle. How? By ridi...

    • Bakker Out
    • Bodega
    • and 5 more
  8. Rondje Markermeer

    • Distance 105.1 mi
    • Elevation 1,414 ft

    The famous, or notorious, Rondje Markermeer with lots of long stretches guarantees an epic ride, with the twisting roads in Noord-Holland, the endless long dyke to Lelystad and ...

    • Café Ome Ko
    • De Oude Taveerne
    • and 3 more
  9. Het Kopje van Bloemendaal Loop

    • Distance 65.6 mi
    • Elevation 1,812 ft

    This route features a relatively large amount of elevation gain for the region, with the hill at Snowplanet Spaarnwoude, the famous Kopje van Bloemendaal, and the waving road th...

    • Grand Cafe De Parel
    • Groengebied Amstelland
    • and 2 more
  10. Amsterdam - Woerden

    • Distance 70.6 mi
    • Elevation 1,024 ft

    Straight trough the Green Hart alongside little rivers, lakes, and large fields, riders will experience very quiet surroundings and villages. The way back is quite remarkable wi...

    • Bodega
    • De Haan Wielersport
    • and 6 more
  11. Rondje Noordwijk

    • Distance 35.8 mi
    • Elevation 1,053 ft

    If you're looking for a quick ride from Haarlem, Rondje Noordwijk is the route for you. First through the dunes and back through the fields and woods, or the other way around.