Amsterdam Running Guide


Don’t let the bike-crazed culture fool you: Amsterdam is for runners, too. It’s picturesque, never too hot and pedestrian friendly with lots of fast flats.

  • Runs per Week 14,102
  • Miles per Week 76,234
Amsterdam Cycling Guide

Top Running Routes in Amsterdam

  1. Vondelpark

    • Distance 2.1 mi
    • Elevation 81 ft

    Situated south of the city center, Vondelpark is one of Amsterdam's classic running destinations. It is flat, beautiful and big enough for a decent running loop — very popular f...

  2. River Amstel

    • Distance 6.5 mi
    • Elevation 320 ft

    This giant half circle running loop takes you around Amsterdam's city center alongside the river Amstel. This makes it a flat course, but you can collect a bit of altitude by sp...

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  4. Westerpark

    • Distance 3.6 mi
    • Elevation 99 ft

    Just northwest of the center is beautiful Westerpark. It is green, has loads of trees and little private sheds in long rows in the western half. Run this loop twice and it'll be...

  5. Amsterdamse Bos

    • Distance 6.1 mi
    • Elevation 211 ft

    This is a hidden gem close to the big international Airport Schiphol, south of the city center. This loop could be an option for anyone with a really long layover at the airport...

  6. Amsterdam Noord

    • Distance 8.3 mi
    • Elevation 279 ft

    Catch a ferry over to the northern side and explore the tree lined streets taking you up north. Once you cross over the A10 Highway, you will have reached virtually endless terr...

  7. Amsterdam Half Marathon

    • Distance 13.3 mi
    • Elevation 461 ft

    A classic and on so many runners bucket list: the Amsterdam Half Marathon Race Course makes a great longer run. It cuts through a variety of neighbourhoods. As an extra treat, y...

  8. Amstel Short Loop

    • Distance 3.6 mi
    • Elevation 160 ft

    This fun loops takes you around the Amstel River's broad, slow bends. It makes a scenic run especially after sunrise or before sunset when the light is softest. Extend it in eit...

  9. Ouderkerk aan de Amstel

    • Distance 12.5 mi
    • Elevation 222 ft

    This longer run takes you on another Amstel exploration; a little lake makes a great reward and half-way point. Though it starts somewhat close to the center, the beautiful and ...