Berlin Cycling Guide


A microcosm of a national shift, Berlin cycling is a mix between the old school “no water for the first 50k” and a growing community of youthful adventurers and ex-pats. Winters are rough and the wind can be challenging. Upside: Pre and post-ride coffee is a respected ritual.

  • 2,247 Rides per Week
  • 39,369 Miles per Week
Berlin Running Guide

Top Cycling Routes in Berlin

  1. Schönefeld Loop

    • 44.5 mi Distance
    • 1,493 ft Elevation

    The “Crown of the East” (die Ostkrone) alongside the A113 is the fastest (and nicest) way into Berlin’s southeast and the surrounding area. Traffic congestion will only decrease...

    • Bäckerei Nil
    • Britzer-Allee-Brücke
    • Thürmann
  2. Berlin - Blankensee

    • 70.8 mi Distance
    • 2,549 ft Elevation

    This route combines plenty of highlights in the Berlin area. From the center, head out across the Tempelhof Airfield and do an extra loop up and down the old runways before head...

    • Landbäckerei Röhrig
    • NDuro
  3. Feierabendrunde Nord GUZ

    • 69.8 mi Distance
    • 2,686 ft Elevation

    Head north of Berlin to test your legs on some rolling hills and solid climbs.

    • Factory Girl
    • Standert.
    • ZDF Cafe
  4. Havelchaussee

    • 29.2 mi Distance
    • 1,439 ft Elevation

    This route features a perfect blend of all the things that make cycling fun in the Berlin area: as little traffic as possible and the few meters of altitude gain that can be fou...

    • Einstein Coffeeshop
    • NDuro
  5. Oderbruch

    • 84.1 mi Distance
    • 3,261 ft Elevation

    This is an ideal weekend spin with friends. The Oderbruch offers a welcome change of scenery compared to the Berlin flats. Moderate hills allow riders to collect a few extra met...

  6. Tempelhof

    • 14.4 mi Distance
    • 695 ft Elevation

    The Tempelhof Airfield is an institution for Berlin's cyclists. These days, the airfield is open to the public; cyclists are permitted to run fast and flat workouts, intervals o...

    • Cafeteria im Reichstag
    • Thürmann
  7. Havel Loop

    • 55.4 mi Distance
    • 2,645 ft Elevation

    Havel Loop is a quick, southbound escape via the picturesque town of Caputh. There are plenty of ways to extend the route; catch a ferry across the Havel for 1€ only to land in ...

    • Krone
    • NDuro
    • Steinecke Brotmeisterei
  8. Werbellinsee

    • 83.7 mi Distance
    • 3,015 ft Elevation

    The Werbelinsee lays in the middle of the Schorfheide: a natural reserve with plenty of terrain for cyclists to play. The loop around the lake offers plenty of photo opportuniti...

    • Sportslounge