Oslo Cycling Guide


Arguably closer to nature than any other capital city, Oslo offers easy access to stunningly beautiful rides. There’s a variety of terrain to explore, too, from scenic lakefront routes to arduous (but rewarding!) climbs.

Oslo Running Guide

Top Cycling Routes in Oslo

  1. Nordmarka

    • 91.9 mi Distance
    • 8,450 ft Elevation

    Surrounding the northern border of Oslo is Nordmarka, an incredible forest and no-build zone. This route takes riders on paved roads around and through Oslo's playground. A leng...

  2. Climb to Tryvann and Sørkedalen

    • 31.0 mi Distance
    • 3,579 ft Elevation

    Ride Norway's Alpe d'Huez, Tryvann, on this popular route. This classic ride starts in the center of Oslo and passes through two scenic parks, Slottsparken (the castle park) and...

  3. Maridalen

    • 16.2 mi Distance
    • 1,537 ft Elevation

    The main training valley for road cyclists in Oslo, Maridalen is a popular route used both for TT training and recovery rides. Short, flat, and picturesque, this out and back is...

  4. Tyrifjorden

    • 86.8 mi Distance
    • 7,165 ft Elevation

    Beginning in Sandvika, the Tyrifjorden route follows the perimeter of Norway's fifth largest lake, Tyrifjord. Riders will follow smooth roads alongside flourishing trees and flo...

  5. Hurum Rundt

    • 92.7 mi Distance
    • 7,913 ft Elevation

    A well-known route that is popular with Oslo locals, Hurum Rundt takes riders along the water and fjords for kilometers of dramatic scenery and arduous climbing. Riding through ...

  6. Raumerrittet

    • 48.7 mi Distance
    • 4,740 ft Elevation

    Starting just 20km north of Oslo, Raumerrittet is an easy to access and challenging MTB route. A popular race is held along this course every summer where cyclists ride along pa...

  7. Nordmarka MTB - Long Route to Langvann

    • 46.0 mi Distance
    • 5,764 ft Elevation

    Enjoy Oslo's enormous backyard playground on this lengthy ride through Nordmarka. Starting from Majorstuen, you'll pass through Oslo University en route to Maridalen, where ride...

  8. Oslo - Nesoddtangen - Oslo

    • 44.2 mi Distance
    • 3,910 ft Elevation

    This fun and challenging route starts out with a ferry ride to the Nesoddtangen Peninsula. Meeting at Aker Brygge, riders should take the opportunity to have a pre ride coffee b...

  9. Bærumsrunden

    • 38.3 mi Distance
    • 3,708 ft Elevation

    A classic training route in the west, Bærumsrunden will take your breath away. Surrounded by trees and riding along smooth pavement, riders can choose to go at an easy pace and ...

  10. Øyeren Rundt

    • 76.3 mi Distance
    • 5,383 ft Elevation

    Øyeren Rundt is an extremely popular annual road race. If you are unable to participate in the race, this fantastic route can be ridden anytime of year (when the weather permits...