London Cycling Guide

United Kingdom

Wiggins, Cavendish, Hoy, Pendleton. The U.K. is home to the world’s best cyclists, and London has caught the fever, especially for road riding.

  • 78,383 Rides per Week
  • 1,103,488 Miles per Week
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Top Cycling Routes in London

  1. London to Brighton Return

    • 114.3 mi Distance
    • 7,769 ft Elevation

    From the city, through the suburbs and into the countryside, with the testing climb of Ditchling Beacon just before the beach below, the London to Brighton route is full of acti...

    • Artisan Coffee
    • Kitchen @ Lighthouse
  2. London to the Chilterns

    • 83.8 mi Distance
    • 4,883 ft Elevation

    The Chiltern Hills lie north-west of London, and it's surprising that more London cyclists don't head out this way. Rural and beautiful, and full of picturesque villages, they c...

    • Baked Nation
    • Brownlow Cafe
    • look mum no hands!
  3. Hell of the Ashdown

    • 82.5 mi Distance
    • 7,048 ft Elevation

    The Hell of the Ashdown follows the route of the annual Hell of the Ashdown sportive course, a tough early-season fixture in the London sportive calendar. It winds through the N...

    • Cadence Cycling Performance Centre
    • Tarte
  4. Kent Grimpeur

    • 64.8 mi Distance
    • 5,248 ft Elevation

    Based on one of Audax UK's classic rides, this is a tough loop around Sevenoaks in Kent. It's full of classic North Downs climbs like Exedown, Bayleys Hill and the infamous York...

    • Cadence Cycling Performance Centre
    • Cafe St Germain
  5. London to Box Hill

    • 85.6 mi Distance
    • 6,187 ft Elevation

    Starting at the Rapha Cycle Club, this route takes cyclists out of the city, through Richmond Park, to two of Surrey's famous climbs, Leith Hill and Box Hill, on a route inspire...

    • Box Hill Cafe (National Trust)
    • G!RO
    • and 4 more
  6. The Surrey Hills

    • 42.0 mi Distance
    • 4,533 ft Elevation

    Hit the hills hard with this shorter loop – it will test what your legs are made of, and you'll see why the Surrey Hills are one of the favourite destinations for London cyclist...

    • Peaslake stores
    • The Dabbling Duck
  7. Surrey 100

    • 102.5 mi Distance
    • 7,615 ft Elevation

    Are you ready for 100 miles in the Surrey Hills? This ride, starting in Ashtead on the edge of the North Downs, will test your resolve with some of the classic Surrey Hills – Le...

    • Bike Beans Cycle Cafe
    • Box Hill Cafe (National Trust)
    • The Dabbling Duck
  8. Easter Classic

    • 87.1 mi Distance
    • 3,857 ft Elevation

    This lengthy route takes riders into the wide open spaces of north Essex, passing through rolling hills and quaint villages on quiet country lanes. It's based on a popular sport...

    • look mum no hands!
    • Pretorius Coffee Bar
  9. London to Windsor Loop

    • 75.9 mi Distance
    • 2,876 ft Elevation

    A London to Windsor ride is perfect for winter training and many local clubs and cyclists do some variation on this loop. It's long, flat and doesn't take you down tiny lanes, s...

    • Chocolate Theatre Café Bar
    • Cinnamon Cafe
    • and 3 more
  10. A northern 75km

    • 47.2 mi Distance
    • 3,127 ft Elevation

    Take in some of London's cyclists' favourite training roads north of the city. After a couple of short, sharp shocks on the way out (yes, we are taking you up Swain's Lane!), yo...

    • Flask Tavern
    • Forks & Corks