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The road riding season in Stockholm is fairly short, so it is only natural to turn to cyclocross or gravel riding when the weather turns wet and cold. There are hundreds of kilometers of gravel roads and paths waiting to be explored in the Stockholm area. The Swedish Right of Public Access (Allemansrätten) gives you the right to experience and explore any roads and paths on bike, even if they happen to be on private land. As long as you don’t disturb or destroy, you are basically free to ride on any piece of gravel road you can find. This loop takes you through the former military area, now nature preserve, Järvafältet. With historical farmland and pastures dating back to the bronze age, forests and lakes, this is a great escape from the city. Easily accessible by local trains (Sollentuna station). A small cafe can be found at the start of the loop.

Strava Curated Route

  • Distance14.6 mi
  • Elevation777 ft
  • Ride TypeCyclocross

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