London Running Guide

United Kingdom

Expect moderate weather and misty runs along rivers, over bridges and through Regal parks and a maze of quaint, uncrowded streets.

  • 32,891 Runs per Week
  • 166,028 Miles per Week
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Top Running Routes in London

  1. River Thames Sightseeing Tour

    • 5.9 mi Distance
    • 533 ft Elevation

    This run along the Thames takes in some of the most popular sights London has to offer, including the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, the London Eye, Big Ben and the Houses of Pa...

    • cafe 101
  2. "Escape the City" Thames Run

    • 12.3 mi Distance
    • 299 ft Elevation

    Running the Thames path away from Central London you will slowly see the city melt away as you run alongside pretty wooded parks. In some places the path changes from pavement t...

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  3. Four Royal Parks

    • 6.5 mi Distance
    • 304 ft Elevation

    Enjoy a bit of nature in the middle of the city as you glide along shaded paths, past ponds, gardens, and of course Kensington Palace. Any number of routes are possible through ...

    • ICA Bar & Cafe
  4. Richmond Park

    • 7.2 mi Distance
    • 378 ft Elevation

    Richmond Park, the largest of the Royal Parks, is a countryside treasure within the city of London. A short trip from central London has you running on hilly dirt trails through...

    • Roehampton Gate Café
  5. Hampstead Heath

    • 3.6 mi Distance
    • 400 ft Elevation

    Hampstead Heath is crisscrossed with both paved and dirt paths through woodlands and grassy knolls. It is a popular place for hill workouts up Parliament Hill, which has amazing...

    • Highgate Pantry
  6. East London Towpaths

    • 6.2 mi Distance
    • 183 ft Elevation

    This mostly traffic-free, flat, paved route takes you on a tour of East London via four different towpaths along London’s historic canals – the Limehouse Cut, River Lea, Hertfor...

  7. Regent's Park

    • 3.3 mi Distance
    • 213 ft Elevation

    Once a hunting ground for Henry VIII, today Regent’s Park is a public playground featuring open fields, gardens, a running track, restrooms, cafés, and the London Zoo. The paved...

    • Garden Café
  8. Bushy Park

    • 6.1 mi Distance
    • 152 ft Elevation

    Southwest of Central London, just across the Thames from Kingston, lies Bushy Park, a Royal Park steeped in history. This park has evolved from a medieval farmland to a formal d...

    • Dish
    • The Pheasantry
  9. Victoria Park

    • 4.8 mi Distance
    • 187 ft Elevation

    Enjoy this nearly traffic-free run as you loop through the popular, historic Victoria Park. “Vicky Park”, as it is known locally, boasts pretty, tree-lined, paved paths, as well...

  10. Battersea Park

    • 1.8 mi Distance
    • 63 ft Elevation

    Prior to the opening of Battersea Park in 1854 this area was known as Battersea Fields and was home to various lewd and lascivious activities. Now it is an elegant green space a...

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