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Walnut Creek Metro Park

Walnut Creek Metro Park is the perfect place for beginner trail runners or those who just dabble in dirt. A winding maze of trails allows you to run as far as you like. The single-track trails are well marked, generally pretty smooth, and the terrain is more rolling than hilly. The park also offers plenty of amenities like playgrounds, restrooms, and a pool. The trails are designed for mountain biking so stay alert for passing bikes. They are also off-leash areas for dogs. Thus, the park is very popular with dog-walkers, mountain bikers, hikers and runners so be prepared to share the trail. Also note that there are a few creek crossings along the way. You can find a good map of the massive trail network on the Austin Ridge Riders website.

Strava Curated Route

  • Distance10.1 km
  • Elevation172 m
  • Run TypeTrail

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