Boston Cycling Guide

United States

Beyond the city proper, Boston boasts an extensive network of picturesque road ideally suited to cycling. These extend in almost every direction: south, north and west. (East would have you in the ocean.) There are many keen cyclists in the area and finding a group to ride with at a suitable pace is easy. If you’re seeking long climbs, you’ll need to journey to Western Mass., but Boston still has enough rollers to keep the ride interesting.

Boston Running Guide

Top Cycling Routes in Boston

  1. Minuteman Ride

    • Distance 12.6 mi

  2. Commute

    • Distance 7.2 mi

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  4. Rsc

    • Distance 6.6 mi

  5. Evening Ride

    • Distance 8.2 mi

  6. Ripper B52

    • Distance 17.7 mi

  7. Lunch Ride

    • Distance 18.4 mi

  8. Afternoon Ride

    • Distance 14.8 mi