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Mesa Trail

The front door to the Flatirons, the Mesa Trail runs 6.5 miles from Chautauqua Park to Eldorado Springs. This runnable single-track trail meanders between ponderosa forests and grassy meadows with endless views of the iconic Flatirons to the west and the plains to the east. The Mesa Trail intersects several trails along the way that lead to various destinations including Green Mountain, Bear Peak, South Boulder Peak, Mallory Cave, Royal Arch, and Shadow Canyon. You could branch off on one of these trails and run for hours without ever re-tracing your steps. If you stay on the Mesa Trail for a full out and back you will accumulate a fair amount of elevation without even climbing one of the nearby peaks. The undulating trail has its fair share of ups and downs with switchbacks, stairs, and a long descent to the South Mesa Trailhead on Eldorado Springs Drive. As the main artery of the Boulder Open Space, the Mesa trail is easily one of the most popular runs in Boulder.

Strava Curated Route

  • Distance21.0 km
  • Elevation716 m
  • Run TypeTrail

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