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Boulder Creek Path

The most accessible route to run in Boulder is the Creek Path. There are countless entry points to the path close to Pearl Street and across town. Extending from past 55th Street on the east side of Boulder to Four Mile Canyon Drive, this multi-use trail sees heavy traffic year round. The Creek Path is relatively flat with a gradual incline towards the west. It is the perfect place to do a long out and back run, the path is 7 miles in each direction. Thanks to a series of overpasses, there are no street crossings along the Creek Path. Although much of the path is paved there is typically a dirt trail alongside the main path for those that prefer trail and the last 1.5 miles up Boulder Canyon are dirt as well. During warm months you will find relief from the shade of the trees along the path. Even if you are sharing the Creek Path with plenty of other runners, walkers and cyclists you can still find some peace watching the water rush by in the rocky creek below. At the end of your run, dip your weary feet in the creek for a quick ice bath.

Strava Curated Route

  • Distance7.6 km
  • Elevation114 m
  • Run TypeTrail

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