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Teller Farms

A favorite on the east side of Boulder, Teller Farms welcomes runners with wide gravel trails and mild grades. Teller Farms provides a pastoral setting as the East Boulder trail meanders through farms, cow pastures, prairies, over creeks, and alongside ponds. The trail extends just over 6 miles from the Teller Farm South trailhead to the Gunbarrel Farm trailhead. An out and back run here makes for excellent half marathon training. The East Boulder trail is relatively flat except for the hill leading up to the big water tank, for which locals have nicknamed this run “The Tank”. As you make your way northbound on the trail you will have the water tank in your sights, prodding you onward from its lofty perch. On your southbound return journey be prepared for a slight uphill grade between Valmont Road and the Teller Farm South trailhead. Local running groups meet at Teller Farms on the weekends when you will likely find the trail quite crowded. On quieter days keep a lookout for large birds – hawks, eagles, owls – that hunt from the trees along the creeks and ponds.

Strava Curated Route

  • Distance19.4 km
  • Elevation256 m
  • Run TypeTrail

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