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Those seeking a truly flat trail run in Boulder find respite in the bucolic Bobolink trail on the southeast side of town. The well-maintained, smooth, double-track trail hugs the South Boulder Creek as it wanders through a rural landscape of cow pastures and ranches. Along the creek cottonwood trees, cattails, native grasses and wildflowers provide a wetland home for birds, frogs, deer, and coyotes. Trees are sparse along the trail though so don’t expect to find too much shade on this run. Starting from the Bobolink trailhead, the trail conveniently travels underneath South Boulder Road and highway 36 before it turns westward and terminates at old Marshall Road. From here you can either turn around for a 6.7-mile out and back run or you could turn north on Marshall and add on a loop at the CU cross country course. An out and back run on the flat Bobolink trail is perfect for 10K time trials, tempo runs, or an easy recovery run. Along the way you’ll have the grazing cows to keep you company and you may even spot a prairie dog near Marshall Road.

Strava Curated Route

  • Distance10.7 km
  • Elevation58 m
  • Run TypeTrail

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