Chicago Running Guide

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Top Running Routes in Chicago

  1. Lakefront Path

    • 17.1 mi Distance
    • 338 ft Elevation

    The best place to run in Chicago is, hands down, the Lakefront Path. This 18-mile multi-use trail extends from Hollywood Avenue on the north side to 71st Street at the South Sh...

  2. Palos Forest Preserve

    • 8.4 mi Distance
    • 366 ft Elevation

    Just outside of Chicago lies the extremely popular Palos Forest Preserve, home to over 78 miles of gorgeous wooded trails. Runners, mountain bikers, and hikers all flock to Pal...

  3. Waterfall Glen

    • 9.4 mi Distance
    • 334 ft Elevation

    Luxuriously wide-open, crushed limestone trails await runners at Waterfall Glen in the southwestern Chicago suburbs. A 9.5-mile trail encircles the Argonne National Laboratory ...

  4. Grant Park

    • 6.0 mi Distance
    • 174 ft Elevation

    If you are visiting Chicago for the first time, the quickest way to do some action-packed sight seeing is to explore the area around Grant Park. The “front yard” of Chicago, Gr...

  5. Fox River Trail

    • 11.2 mi Distance
    • 300 ft Elevation

    Chicagoland runners get their kicks on the seemingly endless network of multi-use trails just outside the city. In the western suburbs a favorite is the Fox River Trail. This ...

  6. Lincoln Park Zoo

    • 3.8 mi Distance
    • 115 ft Elevation

    Just off the beaten path of the Lakefront pathway, you will find Chicago runners zigzagging along the many winding trails through the Lincoln Park Zoo and surrounding park areas...

  7. Illinois Prairie Path

    • 3.2 mi Distance
    • 102 ft Elevation

    One of the many benefits of life in the suburbs of Chicago is access to a vast network of trail systems. The Illinois Prairie Path (IPP) extends over 60 miles in Cook, DuPage a...

  8. North Branch Trail

    • 14.9 mi Distance
    • 228 ft Elevation

    Extending approximately 18 miles from the Edgebrook neighborhood in Chicago to the Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, the North Branch Trail is a quiet escape for city runners. ...

  9. Busse Woods

    • 7.7 mi Distance
    • 137 ft Elevation

    A quick getaway to the great outdoors is just a stone’s throw away at Busse Woods, also known as the Ned Brown Forest Preserve. This 3,700-acre preserve boasts a 7.7-mile paved...

  10. Morton Arboretum

    • 7.4 mi Distance
    • 407 ft Elevation

    If you can stomach Morton Arboretum’s $12 per person admission price (note that Wednesdays are discount admission days) then you will be rewarded with an enormous wonderland of ...