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Lakefront Path

The best place to run in Chicago is, hands down, the Lakefront Path. This 18-mile multi-use trail extends from Hollywood Avenue on the north side to 71st Street at the South Shore Nature Sanctuary. The pathway is well traveled by both locals and tourists alike, taking advantage of the nearly traffic-free route and the amazing lakefront scenery. On one side you will have views of the immense, shimmering, blue Lake Michigan, as well as beaches, parks, golf courses, and countless boats. On your other side lies the magnificent Chicago city skyline with its iconic architecture. Runners love the Lakefront Path because it has both a paved path with mile markers in both directions and an adjacent gravel trail that appears along many sections of the pathway. There are also water fountains and restrooms along the entire path making it the ideal place for long runs. Running the Lakefront Path in the summer is a classic Chicago experience. It seems like everyone is there training for a fall marathon, either on their own or with one of the many running groups. On a hot day you will appreciate the cool breeze coming off the lake.

Strava Curated Route

  • 17.1 mi Distance
  • 338 ft Elevation
  • Road Run Type

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