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Waterfall Glen

Luxuriously wide-open, crushed limestone trails await runners at Waterfall Glen in the southwestern Chicago suburbs. A 9.5-mile trail encircles the Argonne National Laboratory that is located at the center of the preserve. The rolling hilly course with short steep climbs sprinkled in provides a challenging loop for runners. Mile markers along the trail make this a great place for a tempo run. This route starts at the Northgate parking lot where there are pit toilets and a hand pump for drinking water. If it’s a hot day you’ll want to carry water, as there is a seven-mile section of trail between the park’s two water pumps. Along the trail you will pass wooded areas, marshes, and a man-made waterfall. The trails are also open to cyclists and horseback riders but you will not typically find the path to be congested. In the winter when the Preserve is snow covered, rangers groom the trail for cross-country skiing so locals can continue exercising here year-round. Waterfall Glen is an excellent place for a run anytime of year but it’s particularly lovely in the fall when the trees are turning bright orange, yellow and red and marathon training is at it’s peak.

Strava Curated Route

  • 9.4 mi Distance
  • 334 ft Elevation
  • Trail Run Type

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