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Busse Woods

A quick getaway to the great outdoors is just a stone’s throw away at Busse Woods, also known as the Ned Brown Forest Preserve. This 3,700-acre preserve boasts a 7.7-mile paved multi-use path that is popular with both runners and cyclists. There are also some connector trails within the park that allow you to add mileage to your run or connect to the local bike paths, such as the Schaumburg bikeway. Several restrooms and drinking fountains are found along this loop. The favorite part of Busse Woods for many people is the herd of elk that inhabit a fenced-in area in the northeast corner of the park. You can really get up close to these huge creatures and see them interacting in their natural habitat. The elk are most active in the morning when you may even see male elk sparring with their antlers or making load noises, called bugling. Most of the park is wooded so you will enjoy a good amount of shade on hot summer days. If you enjoy running at Busse Woods you may consider running the Chicagoland Spring Marathon or Half Marathon, both of which run through the park.

Strava Curated Route

  • 7.7 mi Distance
  • 137 ft Elevation
  • Road Run Type

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