Denver Cycling Guide

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The riding in Denver is incredible, especially outside city limits. Coast out of town for a mountain bike mecca and some of the most dramatic canyon climbs of any U.S. city.

  • 7,119 Rides per Week
  • 136,328 Miles per Week
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Top Cycling Routes in Denver

  1. Cherry Creek Reservoir (#PHP)

    • 18.5 mi Distance
    • 774 ft Elevation

    Looking for a fast and furious start to a mid-week morning? This route out to and around the Cherry Creek Reservoir could be the ride for you. A group of experienced cyclists ty...

    • Aarons Judaica
    • Adventure Cycling
    • Nie Brothers Cycles
  2. Golden Gate Canyon Loop

    • 56.9 mi Distance
    • 6,542 ft Elevation

    The Golden Gate Canyon Loop is another popular and challenging route that begins in Golden, Colorado (an easy ride west of downtown Denver) and heads up into the mountains. This...

    • Big Ring Cycles
    • North Table Mountain Park
    • and 2 more
  3. Chatfield State Park / Roxborough

    • 25.0 mi Distance
    • 1,376 ft Elevation

    Another fast, Denver-area ride takes place to the southwest, near Chatfield State Park. Affectionately known as "Worlds of Pain" or just "Worlds" for short, this ride is filled ...

    • Chatfield Reservoir Overlook
    • Safeway Gas Station
  4. Lookout Mountain

    • 39.9 mi Distance
    • 3,067 ft Elevation

    Head straight west from downtown Denver to Golden, Colorado and a popular gateway to the Rocky Mountains. At roughly 4.5 miles and with an average grade of 5%, the climb itself ...

    • Golden Bike Shop
    • Lookout Mountain Park
    • and 2 more
  5. High Grade/Deer Creek Canyon

    • 33.1 mi Distance
    • 3,814 ft Elevation

    Easily one of Denver's most popular (and most challenging) climbs, High Grade is a 10-mile, 2,700-foot slog. This loop and it's variations are well-trafficked by local cyclists ...

    • Deer Creek Open Space upper lot
    • Pleasant Park School
  6. Airport Loop

    • 53.1 mi Distance
    • 1,367 ft Elevation

    This aptly-named loop takes cyclists east out of downtown Denver, past the Denver International Airport (to the north) and the smaller Front Range Airport (to the east) before h...

    • Cycleton
    • Rooster & Moon
    • Sugarshop Bakeshop
  7. St. Vrain + Peak to Peak Loop

    • 65.6 mi Distance
    • 5,575 ft Elevation

    Considered by many to be one of the best rides in the country, the St. Vrain + Peak to Peak Loop (also known as the Ward-Lyons Loop) takes cyclists from Boulder all the way up t...

    • Buchannan Coffee Pub
    • Button Rock Bakery
    • and 3 more
  8. Old Stage - Left Hand - Lee Hill

    • 20.3 mi Distance
    • 2,504 ft Elevation

    If you're looking for a shorter ride that still packs a serious punch, look no further than this loop. Old Stage Road is short but very steep, and watch your speed when heading ...

    • Amante Uptown
    • Spruce Confections
    • University Bicycles
  9. Lefthand / Boulder Canyons

    • 51.4 mi Distance
    • 6,625 ft Elevation

    A typical weekend ride in Boulder might look something like this. You head west and climb Lee Hill to Lefthand Canyon, head south on the Peak to Peak highway, and then descend b...

    • Amante Uptown
    • Salto Coffee Works
    • and 2 more
  10. Gateway Ride

    • 64.7 mi Distance
    • 2,918 ft Elevation

    Arguably the most popular group ride in Boulder — and maybe one of the toughest in the country! — the Gateway Ride is a beloved route that has been enjoyed by locals for years. ...

    • Amante Uptown
    • Carter Lake Marina
    • Mary's Market & Deli