Denver Running Guide

United States

Clean city, clean air, big mountains and a great trail network. Just be patient with yourself: The elevation pushes most visitors a bit off their pace... price to pay for beautiful mountain scenery.

  • 4,579 Runs per Week
  • 22,131 Miles per Week
Denver Cycling Guide

Top Running Routes in Denver

  1. Washington Park

    • 2.5 mi Distance
    • 64 ft Elevation

    Washington Park, the place to see and be seen in Denver, just happens to be home to one of the most runner-friendly paths in town. The shaded, flat 2.6-mile perimeter loop aroun...

  2. Lookout Mountain

    • 6.8 mi Distance
    • 1,763 ft Elevation

    The best way to get to the top of Lookout Mountain is to grind up the Chimney Gulch Trail. The trail zigzags through Windy Saddle Park, overlooking the city of Golden. The aptly...

  3. City Park

    • 3.3 mi Distance
    • 95 ft Elevation

    City Park’s large green expanse close to downtown Denver attracts runners from far and wide. Most people come here for the postcard-worthy scenery of the Denver skyline over a b...

  4. Cherry Creek Trail

    • 8.6 mi Distance
    • 223 ft Elevation

    One of the prettiest, most relaxing places in the city of Denver is the Cherry Creek Trail multi-use path. This flat, paved path follows alongside Cherry Creek as it flows from ...

  5. High Line Canal

    • 11.3 mi Distance
    • 141 ft Elevation

    The most popular and longest running path in the metro Denver area is easily the High Line Canal Trail. The 66-mile long canal that runs along this National Landmark Trail was c...

  6. Matthews/Winters Park

    • 5.9 mi Distance
    • 1,170 ft Elevation

    To find a bit of elevation, make your way to the foothills just outside Denver. The Red Rocks Trail from Matthews/Winters Park is a running favorite due to its easy accessibilit...

  7. William F. Hayden Green Mountain Park

    • 6.4 mi Distance
    • 1,161 ft Elevation

    Another extremely accessible mountain playground, William F. Hayden Green Mountain Park is popular with trail runners and mountain bikers alike. Green Mountain boasts an 800-foo...

  8. White Ranch

    • 12.0 mi Distance
    • 2,838 ft Elevation

    White Ranch Park is one of the best training grounds for Denverites preparing for a mountain race. This route has you running above 7,000 feet for over 7 miles. Best of all, the...

  9. Mount Falcon

    • 10.3 mi Distance
    • 2,212 ft Elevation

    At the edge of the Front Range lies Mount Falcon, offering an accessible mountain park for metro Denver residents. Mount Falcon Park is based around the ruins of the John Brisbe...

  10. Waterton Canyon

    • 12.4 mi Distance
    • 354 ft Elevation

    Runners head to Waterton Canyon to get a taste of spectacular mountain scenery without too much elevation change. Waterton Canyon is the eastern terminus of the famed Colorado T...