New York City Cycling Guide

United States

NYC has well-attended park crits almost every day and some strong rides heading out from the GW Bridge. The city itself is getting easier and easier to bike around, but if you really want easy… maybe New York’s not for you.

  • Rides per Week 3,916
  • Miles per Week 56,076
New York City Running Guide

Top Cycling Routes in New York City

  1. Central Park Loop

    • Distance 6.2 mi
    • Elevation 383 ft

    City cyclists get their workout in by circling Central Park. It's a short loop, which makes it easy to control the duration of your ride. Have extra time? Do extra laps! Just be...

    • Bocce's Bakery
    • Park West Cafe
    • Street Coffee Guy
  2. Prospect Park

    • Distance 24.1 mi
    • Elevation 1,013 ft

    Brooklynite cyclists flock to Prospect Park for workouts of any length. Looking for a nice lunch ride? Zip on over and spin five to seven lightly rolling laps. As with all publi...

    • Caffeine Caterers Food Truck
    • Four & Twenty Blackbirds Cafe
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  4. The 9W to Nyack

    • Distance 48.0 mi
    • Elevation 2,771 ft

    From Riverside Park, head over the George Washington Bridge and onto the ever popular 9W. Continue on the route north until you reach South Nyack. Loop around the round about an...

    • Bread for The World
    • Gypsy Donut & Espresso Bar
    • and 4 more
  5. Mineola / Woodbury / Brookville

    • Distance 27.3 mi
    • Elevation 1,062 ft

    This is a popular route among Long Island cyclists and a great escape from city riding. You'll spend a good portion of the ride cruising down tree-lined, suburban roads. Enjoy i...

  6. White Plains / Armonk / Rye

    • Distance 63.4 mi
    • Elevation 3,064 ft

    If spinning loops around Central Park doesn't sound like your thing, you can always head north out of the city. After some urban milage, you'll escape into the wooded, rolling c...

  7. Bear Mountain

    • Distance 95.2 mi
    • Elevation 6,856 ft

    A classic century route out of urban life in the city and into the beautiful park surrounding Bear Mountain. Be prepared for a challenging climb!

    • General Grant National Memorial (Grant's Tomb)
    • Kiku Alpine Restaurant
    • and 2 more
  8. Long Island Expressway

    • Distance 33.6 mi
    • Elevation 1,342 ft

    Riding along (but not on!) the Long Island Expressway is a fairly efficient way to nail down the miles. Access roads run parallel to the highway on both sides, allowing for an o...

  9. River Road

    • Distance 40.8 mi
    • Elevation 2,062 ft

    The classic New York City ride; beautiful views, rolling hills, mostly traffic free makes this a perfect two hours in the saddle.

    • D'crepes
    • Le Pain Quotidien
    • and 3 more