New York City Running Guide

United States

This city can run. Fast. You’ll find more group runs and clubs than probably any other city and one of the most popular marathons in the world. Of course, Central Park… just start there and you’ll find someone to run with.

  • 4,259 Runs per Week
  • 23,092 Miles per Week
New York City Cycling Guide

Top Running Routes in New York City

  1. The Central Park Loop

    • 6.0 mi Distance
    • 392 ft Elevation

    The classic run in New York City is unequivocally the Central Park Loop. Any day of the week, any time of day, you will find hordes of runners circling the park. Central Park ha...

    • Bouchon Bakery
    • Park West Cafe
    • Street Coffee Guy
  2. Central Park Reservoir

    • 1.5 mi Distance
    • 9 ft Elevation

    “The Res” as locals call it, is the perfect place to do speed workouts in the park. It offers a flat, soft surface, distance markers, and beautiful scenery. The reservoir loop i...

    • Jackie Onassis Running Track
    • Keep Park Clean - Hotdog
  3. Hudson River Path

    • 15.9 mi Distance
    • 269 ft Elevation

    The Hudson River, or West Side, path - stretching from Battery Park to the top of Manhattan - provides an excellent place for long flat runs uninterrupted by streetlights. You’l...

    • bellmorebean
    • Bread for The World
    • Fairway Market
  4. Prospect Park

    • 3.4 mi Distance
    • 122 ft Elevation

    Prospect Park is the crown jewel of Brooklyn. Some might even say it’s a better experience than Central Park due to the lack of traffic lights and swarms of tourists. A popular ...

    • Caffeine Caterers Food Truck
  5. Brooklyn & Manhattan Bridges

    • 5.9 mi Distance
    • 343 ft Elevation

    In the city, the best way to add hills to your run is to conquer one of the many bridges of New York. The iconic Brooklyn Bridge is the most obvious choice if you are starting i...

    • Municipal Plaza
  6. Lower Manhattan Loop

    • 9.9 mi Distance
    • 131 ft Elevation

    This loop around the bottom of Manhattan is loaded with iconic New York scenery. As you make your way around the horn, you’ll have views of New Jersey, the Freedom Tower, the St...

  7. East River Bridges

    • 12.2 mi Distance
    • 310 ft Elevation

    This three bridge adventure is excellent training for the NYC Marathon because it includes the Pulaski and Queensboro bridges, which are both part of the marathon course!

    • Dunkin' Donuts
    • East Village Prison Gymnasium
  8. East River Path & Randall’s Island

    • 10.2 mi Distance
    • 357 ft Elevation

    The scenic East River Path pathway is more of a local treasure than a showcase for tourists. Although many would agree that the views from the East Side easily rival the West Si...

  9. Van Cortland Park

    • 3.1 mi Distance
    • 108 ft Elevation

    Most people don’t associate trail running with New York City but those people have never been to Van Cortlandt Park (VCP). An easy ride up the 1 train will take you to this trea...

  10. Clove Lakes Park

    • 5.7 mi Distance
    • 390 ft Elevation

    Staten Island's Clove Lakes Park is often referred to as “little Central Park”, but if you are looking for peace and quiet there is no comparison. Clove Lakes is as serene an oa...