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Perched high above Berkeley lies Tilden Park, home to miles of rolling trails, breathtaking views, and grazing cows. This route starts at Inspiration Point and heads out along the ridge on the Nimitz Way Trail. There are restrooms at this trailhead but no water. The drive to the trailhead alone is one of the most beautiful drives in the East Bay. The Nimitz trail is paved but offers a dirt shoulder that many people run on. You will run all the way to the Wildcat Canyon Regional Park in Richmond before heading back along the Wildcat Creek Trail. If you'd like to extend your run, you can continue on through the miles of trails in Wildcat Canyon. Most of this run will be gentle rolling terrain but there is a massive descent down to Wildcat Creek Trail and a challenging climb at the end through Meadows Canyon to return back to Inspiration Point. Much of the route is exposed so wear your sunscreen and bring water. You can refill your bottle at the Little Farm before you start the final ascent.

Strava Curated Route

  • Distance9.3 mi
  • Elevation920 ft
  • Run TypeTrail

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