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Redwood Regional Park

Redwood Regional Park offers both serene lush forests and a location convenient to the urban metropolis of Oakland. The park has a multitude of trails that vary from challenging to docile. This route starts on the East Ridge Trail, a fire road that runs along the top of the ridge above the redwoods and gently descends as it heads to the southern end of the park. The return trip back on the French Trail will require a bit more concentration for the technical terrain. This single-track trail lies deep within the magical redwood forest. Here you will find rolling hills, including some seriously steep climbs, which will bring you back up to the Skyline Gate. The French trail is much more secluded than the ridge trails and will become dark before the sun actually sets. Bring a headlamp if you are coming late in the day. There are restrooms and water at the Skyline Gate as well as along the Canyon Trail.

Strava Curated Route

  • Distance8.3 mi
  • Elevation1,301 ft
  • Run TypeTrail

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