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Lake Chabot

Lake Chabot is an idyllic park with ducks paddling in the lake and deer prancing on the hillside. But don't let the peaceful scenery fool you, there are some tough hills waiting for you beyond the lake. This route starts at the marina and takes you on a tour around the lake with an extension to the north. If you want to stick to the perimeter of the lake, the loop will be about 9 miles total. The trails closest to the marina are paved but the trails north of the lake are dirt. You will start your run with some gentle rollers that will quickly ramp up to much more demanding topography. Just as you are starting to really suffer, the trail will bring you back down to the serenity of the lake. Once you are back at the marina, you can buy yourself a picnic lunch from the cafe and even rent a boat to paddle around the lake if you have the time.

Strava Curated Route

  • Distance13.2 mi
  • Elevation1,587 ft
  • Run TypeTrail

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