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Bay Trail

Once you've had enough fun battling the hills, take to the San Francisco Bay Trail along the waterfront for a nice flat run. Many runners like to run along the Bay Trail between the Berkeley Marina and the Emeryville Marina to string together the two parks. Be forewarned that this trail is right alongside highway 80 so the traffic noise will be loud. What this route lacks in peacefulness it makes up for in flatness and convenient access to the freeway, as well as some gorgeous scenery of the waterfront and the San Francisco skyline. One can easily customize this route to be as short or as long as they like by adding on loops at each of the waterfront parks or continuing farther along the Bay Trail. The parks at the Berkeley Marina offer public restrooms, drinking fountains and parking.

Strava Curated Route

  • Distance4.5 mi
  • Elevation19 ft
  • Run TypeRoad

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