SF Bay Area - Peninsula Cycling Guide

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Whether you're looking for a flat spin or some serious climbing, you'll find it along the Peninsula. Home to the most famous climb in the entire Bay Area, Old La Honda, the Peninsula offers up epic ascents, fantastic scenery, and plenty of dirt.

SF Bay Area - Peninsula Running Guide

Top Cycling Routes in SF Bay Area - Peninsula

  1. Coast Loop

    • 65.7 mi Distance
    • 7,344 ft Elevation

    Perfectly capturing all the elements that make the Bay Area unique, the Coast Loop should be on top of every cyclist’s to-do list. Men and women who embark on this epic journey ...

  2. Planet of the Apes

    • 64.4 mi Distance
    • 5,613 ft Elevation

    This legendary loop has been a long-time favorite of Bay Area cyclists. Many have heard of the ride, but few have attempted it. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say th...

  3. Kings + Cañada

    • 22.7 mi Distance
    • 2,355 ft Elevation

    Starting in Woodside, this loop begins by taking cyclists up the popular Kings Mountain Road. Riders will climb for over four miles through the redwoods of Huddart Park while en...

  4. Elena Loop

    • 17.5 mi Distance
    • 1,198 ft Elevation

    Looking for an easy to access, scenic hour-long route? The Elena Loop takes riders up the popular Elena and Black Mountain Rd. climbs and down the always fun Page Mill descent. ...

  5. Arastradero Loop MTB

    • 17.4 mi Distance
    • 1,325 ft Elevation

    A fantastic mix of singletrack and fire road trails, Arastradero Park will satisfy all MTB riders, from beginners to more experienced Athletes. This loop is of moderate intensit...

  6. Sawyer Camp MTB

    • 29.3 mi Distance
    • 2,496 ft Elevation

    Both the Sawyer Camp and San Andreas Trails are paved recreational trails enjoyed year round. Providing fantastic views and a quiet escape, riders looking for an easy roll can s...

  7. San Gregorio Loop

    • 66.9 mi Distance
    • 5,821 ft Elevation

    Beginning in Woodside, the San Gregorio loop takes riders through La Honda, San Gregorio, and Pescadero, three of the most unique and picturesque towns along the Peninsula. Feat...

  8. Pescadero Loop

    • 50.7 mi Distance
    • 5,632 ft Elevation

    Consisting of challenging climbs and unbeatable views, you'd be hard pressed to find a local cyclist not willing to recommend the Pescadero Loop. Beginning up the Bay Area's mos...

  9. Alpine/Portola/Sand Hill Loop

    • 16.5 mi Distance
    • 862 ft Elevation

    An ideal recovery day ride, the Alpine/Portola/Sand Hill Loop pieces together some of the most popular stretches of road for cyclists living in the Peninsula. Low in elevation a...

  10. Waterdog Lake Park

    • 6.0 mi Distance
    • 1,207 ft Elevation

    A tiny piece of land with tight, intricate, and oftentimes technical trails, Waterdog is a popular spot for mountain bikers along the Peninsula. Compact and never boring, Waterd...

  11. Skeggs Point

    • 12.5 mi Distance
    • 2,351 ft Elevation

    At Skeggs Point, mountain bikers find themselves either going up or down but never flat. Don’t even think about trying the single track unless you’re well versed in challenging ...