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Sawyer Camp Trail

The ease of running on this flat paved path alongside the Crystal Springs Reservoir makes the Sawyer Camp Trail the most popular place to run on the peninsula. Access the trailhead from the intersection of Crystal Springs Road and Skyline Blvd, right next to highway 280. Parking along the side of the road here is typically easy but you should get an early start on the weekends if you want to avoid a crowd. There are restrooms at the trailhead but no water so bring your own. From here you can do a nice out and back run as far as you like. If you run all the way to San Andreas Lake and back it will be just over 10 miles and you’ll have a solid climb up to the top of the dam. The path doesn't cross any roads so there's no need to make any stops. Along the way enjoy the scenery of the pristine reservoir below and the mountains beyond.

Strava Curated Route

  • Distance10.5 mi
  • Elevation513 ft
  • Run TypeRoad

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