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Huddart Park

Huddart Park is an escape to a fairytale land deep within a dark redwood forest. Pay your $6 fee and park at the Werder Shelter where you will find restrooms and water. From here you can jump right on the trail and disappear into the solitude of the forest. There is no flat ground here so be prepared to be constantly ascending or descending. But the soft surface of the trail is forgiving and on a hot day you will stay cool under the dense canopy of trees. For a fairly challenging run, you can loop around the park for about 7 miles. For a really long run, add on an out and back down the Skyline Trail which parallels Skyline Blvd and takes you all the way to Wunderlich Park. After your run, grab a bite to eat at the legendary Buck's of Woodside, known for "Flapjacks and Tomfoolery" as you will see from the eclectic decor.

Strava Curated Route

  • Distance7.0 mi
  • Elevation1,391 ft
  • Run TypeTrail

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