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Pearson-Arastradero Preserve is a perfect example of California wildlife with its grassy open hillsides dotted with bright orange poppies and scraggly live oak trees. Oh and don't forget about the rattlesnakes! On a warm day you'll likely find one sunning itself on the trail so stay alert. You'll also want to pay attention for people horseback riding and mountain biking. The convenient access to highway 280 and Palo Alto means that the park can get fairly crowded. A run through Arastradero is typically mild-mannered with gentle rolling terrain and a good mix of fire road and single-track trails. Wear sunscreen and bring water as most of the route is exposed and can get pretty hot. There is a nice restroom facility with drinking water at the parking lot on Arastradero Road. If you'd like to extend your run you can add an out and back along the Arastradero Creek Trail, which will connect you to the Foothills Park trail system.

Strava Curated Route

  • 4.3 mi Distance
  • 614 ft Elevation
  • Trail Run Type

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