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Santa Cruz Coastal Loop

Ask anyone from the Peninsula or South Bay and they’ll tell you there is no shortage of epic climbing opportunities in the expansive green mountains that line the coast. This loop includes some favorite local climbs, including Old La Honda, Haskins, Gazos Creek, and Mountain Charlie. Head west along the coast, south along Highway 1 to Santa Cruz, and then north again through the mountains. This is a big day in the saddle so make sure you’re prepared before heading out on this heroic ride. Luckily, this loop has a number of good places to stop for an espresso or bite to eat along the way. A quick stop at Swanton Berry Farm is highly recommended. Here cyclists are given a discount on fresh picked strawberries. With incredible climbs and alluring views, this loop is a classic that cannot be passed up.

Strava Curated Route

  • Distance112.2 mi
  • Elevation9,205 ft
  • Ride TypeRoad

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