SF Bay Area - South Bay Running Guide

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SF Bay Area - South Bay Cycling Guide

Top Running Routes in SF Bay Area - South Bay

  1. Rancho

    • Distance 9.3 mi
    • Elevation 1,489 ft

    Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve, or simply “Rancho” as the locals call it, is a peaceful getaway from the daily grind of Silicon Valley. Runners love the PG&E Trail, or ...

  2. Los Gatos Creek Trail

    • Distance 6.2 mi
    • Elevation 462 ft

    The Los Gatos Creek Trail links the Willow Glen neighborhood of San Jose to Campbell, Los Gatos and the Lexington Reservoir, providing a wonderful place to run for people from s...

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  4. Stevens Creek to Shoreline

    • Distance 4.9 mi
    • Elevation 66 ft

    Stretching from just south of El Camino Real in Mountain View all the way north to the bay, the Stevens Creek Trail is a popular place for runners wanting to avoid stoplights an...

  5. Quicksilver

    • Distance 13.2 mi
    • Elevation 1,614 ft

    Almaden Quicksilver County Park combines the best of California trail running - wide open fire roads on grassy hillsides, single-track through wooded glens, scrubby oak trees, w...

  6. Santa Teresa

    • Distance 10.0 mi
    • Elevation 1,916 ft

    Welcome to cowboy country! Santa Teresa County Park is a gorgeous hidden treasure tucked far into the south hills of San Jose. While running through this park you can imagine ...