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Santa Teresa

Welcome to cowboy country! Santa Teresa County Park is a gorgeous hidden treasure tucked far into the south hills of San Jose. While running through this park you can imagine riding your trusty steed in a spaghetti western. In fact, it's best to stay alert for horses that may be coming around the next corner. The dusty trails are home to lizards that skitter out of your way, brown butterflies that lead you down the single-track trails, and grasshoppers humming nearby. The best time to visit Santa Teresa is in the spring if you want to see the wildflowers blooming in bright purple, yellow and orange. If you want to run some hills you'll be challenged by the massive climb up the Rocky Ridge trail, which leads to Coyote Peak at 1,155 feet. The climb up the Stile Ranch trail is nothing to scoff at either. This is a fun switchback ascent that weaves you through rocky terrain blanketed in colorful lichen. With every turn you get a better view of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Shade is hard to come by so expect it to be pretty hot. There are restrooms and water at the trailhead.

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