Advanced Analysis

Extensive performance metrics and summaries in an engaging design.

Strava works with nearly every smartphone, GPS device and paired sensor, such as heart rate monitors and power meters. But only Premium unlocks the power of all that data for deep post-activity analysis, including exclusive features like Relative Effort and Race Analysis.

Premium Leaderboards

Filter leaderboards by age or weight.

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Relative Effort

It's not how strong you are or how fast you go. Relative Effort measures how hard you try.

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Power Meter Analysis

Get the full benefit of riding with a power meter.

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Race Analysis

Detailed post-race breakdowns of your pace fluctuation and splits.

Workout Analysis

Visualize your pace zones and lap data for all your workouts.

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GPX Download

Create custom maps and routes for your GPS.

Personal Heatmaps

Unique visualizations of all the places you've run or ridden.