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Image of the ‘Suffer Score’ feature.

Suffer Score

See your custom heart rate zones to quantify your suffering and visualize exactly how hard you’re working. Get credit for your most intense workouts with Points in the Red.

Image of the Filtered Leaderboards feature

Filtered Leaderboards

Level the playing field. See where you stack up against athletes in your age and weight class.

Image of the Progress Goals feature


Set time or distance goals and track your progress week over week. Build up to that big milestone and hit those PRs.

Training Plans for Cyclists

Customizable 4-week workout plans designed to improve your power and performance on your favorite segments. Learn more.

Training Plans for Runners

Customized workouts for peak race performance. Choose your race date and distance, and we'll do the rest. Learn more.

Image of the Power Curve Analysis feature

Power Analysis

Discover your strengths and weaknesses. See your best efforts throughout a recent ride and compare them with your all-time best-efforts.

Image of the Fitness and Freshness feature

Fitness & Freshness

For power meter users. Visualize exactly when and where you’re at your freshest or most fatigued during your rides. Anticipate those peaks and valleys and stay on top of your performance.

Image of the GPX Download feature

GPX Download

Discover new rides from those who’ve done it before you. See a great route? Grab it and download it to your Garmin™.

Image of the Activity Heatmaps feature

Personal Heatmap

Create your own personal heatmaps to visualize the ground you’ve covered and share your accomplishments with friends.

Image of the Real-time Segments feature

Real-time Segments

Get your segment times on your phone immediately after completing a segment and see how you compare to others.

Image of the Active Friends feature

Active Friends

See a list of your friends currently out riding and running. Go join them or get motivated to top their efforts on the leaderboards.

Image of the Training Videos feature

Training Videos

Make your indoor training count. Access videos deviously crafted by the world's best coaches, designed to help you stay fit and meet your goals. Available on the Strava website and mobile apps.

Image of the Workout Analysis feature

Advanced Workout Analysis

Take the guesswork out of interval training. Visualize your pace zone and lap data for all your workouts.

Image of the Race Analysis feature

Race Analysis

Analyze your race performance like a pro with interactive and granular pace data at every point during the race, including a rolling view of your projected finish time.


Trophy Case

View all of the Challenge achievement badges you’ve earned and share your Trophy Case with friends.

Illustration of a Premium Membership card.

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