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Jason M.

Professional Athlete
Bellingham, Washington
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Jason began racing bikes at age 16 and over the course of his racing career has become a three-time Mountain Bike World Championship Competitor, 1997 US Junior National Champion, as well as a four-time Downieville All Mountain Pro World Champion. Although Jason is a busy guy, riding mountain bikes remains a passion he continues to indulge. Among other things, he says it keeps him motivated to stay fit and live healthy.

Last 4 Weeks

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Other Activities
Week 1
  • Cycling
    8h 50m
Total 8h 50m
Week 2
  • Cycling
    1h 23m
Total 1h 23m
Week 3
  • Cycling
    5h 18m
Total 5h 18m
Week 4
  • Cycling
    1h 32m
Total 1h 32m