YCC 2021 -Day 4 small route

Cycling Route

29.33 mi
3,432 ft
Created By
Tyler Pearce Ⓥ

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Pines to north end of lake sprint1.71 mi-49 ft-0.2%
222 climb west out of Bass Lake1.10 mi246 ft4.2%
Bass Lake Rd. Descent2.55 mi-883 ft-6.4%
The Grusis Waterfall6.36 mi1,949 ft5.8%
Full Climb B4 the dirt4.66 mi1,588 ft6.5%
Sky Ranch Climb1.02 mi463 ft8.6%
Good ol' SR 3.91 mi1,270 ft6.1%
Sky Ranch Climb1.64 mi535 ft6.1%
S11 Climb1.44 mi479 ft6.3%
Road 632 Climb1.36 mi387 ft5.1%
6S90 Detour 3.58 mi476 ft2.2%
Down 6S40 to Bridge Cuttoff1.42 mi-128 ft-1.6%
Any Legs Left?1.23 mi-128 ft-1.6%
bombs away4.37 mi-1,207 ft-5.1%
How Nutty Are You?3.59 mi-988 ft-5.2%
Pines Rd downhill0.28 mi-131 ft-8.6%