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Port de Pollenca - Sa Calobra and back

Cycling Route

94.06 km
2,141 m
One of the most interesting mountain roads in Mallorca - 26 hairpin turns on nearly 10 km long climb.
Created By
Bike Island Mallorca

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
FTP Test Port Pollenca- Bootom Lluc11.07 km107 m1.0%
Duva Long Sprint0.35 km2 m0.7%
My-Sport Threshold Test8.62 km223 m2.6%
Pollenca Sprint0.57 km6 m1.0%
Pollenca_Callobraknot31.11 km652 m2.0%
Femenia first half4.50 km276 m6.1%
Coll de Femenia0.64 km39 m6.1%
Kilometer sprint at Lluc1.10 km67 m6.1%
MA10 full climb16.12 km557 m3.4%
Ma 10 Climb0.83 km89 m10.7%
RushFinalFemenia0.81 km55 m5.3%
Zwischenanstieg Coll de Femenia->Luc1.15 km53 m4.6%
Climb Sprint to lunch1.26 km75 m5.7%
WWW 167 Lluc turn to junction to of hill3.74 km185 m4.8%
Garage to Aqueduct ( km175 m0.0%
Downhill5.87 km-147 m-2.4%
MA2141 Aquaduct return25.29 km688 m0.0%
Sa Colobra South Ultimo Kilometer1.01 km70 m6.9%
The bends2.65 km-229 m-7.7%
sa calobra decent full monty7.16 km-474 m-6.6%
Sa Calobra - the descent after the hairpins5.24 km-347 m-6.6%
Jurassic Park Section Decent1.37 km-116 m-8.5%
sa calobra10.27 km700 m6.8%
Sa Calobra - Coll dels Reis (official)9.44 km656 m7.0%
bødesegmentet5.89 km406 m6.9%
Sa Calobra Last 6 km5.83 km419 m7.2%
Sa Calobra Climb From movieset2.11 km167 m7.9%
The I'm real soft so I sprinted for a few hundred meters to get a KOM segment segment0.59 km50 m8.4%
Ma 2141 Climb0.48 km90 m18.7%
270* to top 0.73 km65 m8.7%
Home to Beer28.86 km-618 m-1.7%
ma10-uphill til I was buggered.5.22 km131 m2.5%
View-point to petrol station5.33 km-96 m-0.6%
Downhill to Luc3.23 km-190 m-5.7%
Lluc - SaFont1.63 km62 m3.7%
Lluc to Col de Femenia4.55 km62 m0.8%
MA 10, 12-10 km2.60 km-44 m-0.7%
Julian Loves Nikki0.47 km-33 m-7.0%
LL Sprint Torrent de Binifaldo0.69 km19 m2.4%
The fun bit....9.68 km-448 m-4.6%
Final drop down to Pollensa10.63 km-348 m-3.3%
MA-10 Descent - Last 4kms4.53 km-283 m-6.2%
peddelaars sprinttraining2.36 km-43 m-1.7%
RCC Sprint in to Pollenca10.16 km-97 m-1.0%
Pull back the break before Pollenca1.29 km-12 m-0.7%
Pollenca to El Vila4.54 km-42 m-0.9%
AF MTT 24.28 km-36 m-0.8%
final km sprint to duva1.15 km-9 m-0.8%
Bike Box Hire 30.52 km-3 m-0.5%
Ragnors barmy army - were watching you 0.72 km-4 m-0.5%