B Route North Short

Cycling Route

28.72 mi
2,778 ft
Created By
Marie M
November 3, 2014·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Ashbourne climb-out0.53 mi125 ft2.5%
Ashbourne climb-out0.39 mi125 ft5.5%
Market place climb0.23 mi108 ft8.7%
Parwich to pikehall1.60 mi344 ft4.0%
I am a zoomer0.76 mi138 ft3.4%
A5012 Climb0.39 mi351 ft17.0%
Down to Hartington1.81 mi302 ft-3.1%
Tissington Trail Bridge to Hartington1.53 mi272 ft-3.3%
Hartingdon to Hulme End1.51 mi95 ft-0.6%
Beresford Ln Climb1.12 mi266 ft4.5%
Brown Knoll Climb0.90 mi217 ft4.6%
Stanshope Ln Climb0.54 mi79 ft1.4%
Stanshope Lane Climb (Full) - TeamSolveig1.43 mi194 ft2.5%
Stanshope Climb1.56 mi217 ft2.5%
Stanshope to Ilam2.03 mi440 ft-2.9%
Ilam decent0.90 mi440 ft-9.1%
Ilam Moor Ln Climb0.79 mi299 ft7.2%
ilam bridge to blore1.01 mi312 ft5.5%
ILAM CLIMB - Bridge to Cattle Grid0.48 mi210 ft8.3%
Ilam Climb0.46 mi230 ft9.3%
Ilam moor climb steep section0.37 mi220 ft11.1%
Blore to Mapleton sprint1.98 mi348 ft-3.3%
Down Yerley Hill1.18 mi285 ft-4.5%
Mapleton Rd Hill Sprint0.24 mi98 ft7.6%