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Laragh Loop

Cycling Route

44.27 km
689 m
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Biking .ie

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Ashtown Lane South2.13 km-28 m-1.1%
It was all downhill (Roundwood-Annamoe)4.18 km-67 m-1.6%
LM Roundwood to Laragh8.23 km-88 m-1.1%
Anamoe sprint0.67 km23 m3.2%
Berserkly Annamoe-Laragh Sprint2.73 km-24 m-0.5%
Glenmacnass full climb from Laragh9.52 km291 m3.0%
The Long Drag Laragh to Sallygap Crossroads19.48 km361 m1.9%
Laragh to Sally Gap North9.37 km293 m3.1%
Sally Gap from Laragh19.47 km348 m1.8%
waterfall climb7.72 km226 m2.9%
restaurant at laragh to waterfall7.08 km192 m2.7%
Sally Gap North Full Length18.91 km332 m1.8%
Elivar - Challenge 35+2.47 km118 m4.7%
Glenmacnass - the steep bit1.61 km101 m6.2%
Glenmacnass (N)3.77 km193 m5.1%
Glenmacnass Carpark to Sally Gap11.84 km148 m1.1%
Drummin to Sally Gap crossroads10.03 km105 m0.6%
Old Military top section 9.70 km108 m0.6%
Old Military top section 9.70 km108 m0.6%
Up Sally - Oasis to Cross Roads7.88 km106 m1.3%
May the wind be at your back to the gap7.47 km95 m1.3%
Sally Gap eastern descent to first bridge1.80 km-92 m-5.1%
Sally Gap to Ballinastoe Junction8.65 km-246 m-2.8%
Sally Gap to Lough Tay3.88 km-111 m-2.8%
Sallys to Junction8.10 km-220 m-2.7%
Bridge section near Lough Tay1.42 km-16 m-0.7%
Lough Tay1.92 km95 m4.9%
OlympatagtesiRs2Luggala1.57 km84 m5.3%
Lough Tay (N-S)1.52 km80 m5.3%
Lough Tay to first crest0.79 km50 m6.2%
Luggala Full Climb (Sally Gap Side)1.64 km105 m6.3%
Luggala descent2.75 km-197 m-7.0%
Luggala Decent to Ballinastoe2.99 km-232 m-7.8%
Luggala Plummet2.74 km-214 m-7.8%
Lug gala Descent Short1.85 km-141 m-7.6%
Climb towards Ballinastoe 0.97 km42 m4.0%