Past Two Weeks

BRRC River 5km

Running Route

5.0 km
15 m
BRRC Race Route
Created By
Andrei Wightman
December 30, 2017·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Park to carpark2.39 km-6 m-0.0%
BRRC 5K loop4.98 km11 m0.0%
1500m Dury St(Start) to Jane St(Finish)Davies Park1.46 km8 m0.2%
Flying 4 in BRRC4.01 km-11 m-0.2%
800m Dash Ferry Rd to Davies Park Culdesac0.89 km6 m0.2%
Ferry to Vic0.51 km-4 m-0.1%
WERG - 800m East0.80 km7 m0.7%
WERG - 750m East0.77 km8 m0.7%
WERG - 500m East0.50 km8 m1.4%
WERG - 400m Interval East0.40 km5 m1.2%
WERG - 400m East0.40 km5 m1.3%
WERG - 130m Surge East0.14 km2 m0.8%
PCRG TT1.52 km10 m0.1%
WERG - 130m Surge West0.14 km-2 m-0.7%
WERG - Final 500m - Strava One Mile Challenge0.51 km-5 m-1.0%
WERG - Final 200m - Strava Mile0.20 km-3 m-1.5%
WERG - 90m Carpark Finish - Strava Mile Challenge0.10 km-2 m-1.3%
Rowing Club - Outbound0.18 km3 m0.6%
SBR - 800m Interval Out0.78 km-2 m-0.2%
WERG - 400m Interval West0.41 km-5 m-1.2%
WERG - 750m West0.76 km-8 m-0.6%
WERG - 500m West0.50 km-8 m-1.5%
WERG - 400m West0.41 km-5 m-1.2%
Watts - You making us do this again 0.28 km1 m0.4%
WERG - 800m West0.77 km-7 m-0.7%
300m bike sign - bike sign0.30 km-4 m-0.6%
Davies to Kurilpa0.41 km3 m0.7%
Little Bump0.16 km9 m4.3%
BRRC Final Turn0.15 km-3 m-0.5%