Santa Anita Canyon

Cycling Route

9.2 mi
1,602 ft
A quick spin up a twisting canyon overlooking Los Angeles.
Created By
The Airport Ninja

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Santa Anita - Foothill to Sierra Madre0.74 mi108 ft2.7%
Whole Enchilada4.57 mi1,545 ft6.4%
Santa Anita Descent (Foothill to Grand View)1.06 mi236 ft4.2%
Santa Anita Sycamore to Chantry4.50 mi1,598 ft6.7%
Santa Anita kicker0.78 mi230 ft5.5%
Sierra Mad0.96 mi381 ft7.5%
Santa Anita Canyon2.20 mi925 ft8.0%
Sierra Madre Blvd to Chantry Flats3.84 mi1,476 ft7.3%
That really really steep part of santa anita0.48 mi223 ft8.7%
Santa Anita between sierra madre and grandview0.31 mi135 ft8.0%
Chantry Flat3.92 mi1,467 ft7.1%
Santa Anita Ave0.76 mi292 ft7.3%
Chantry Flats: Grandview to top3.51 mi1,312 ft7.1%
Santa Anita (Grandview-Arno Dr)0.30 mi148 ft9.2%
Santa Anita from Grandview to Telephone Pole Turnout1.72 mi719 ft7.9%
The Chantry Flats Climb3.23 mi1,184 ft6.9%
Chantry Flat: Gate to Parking3.20 mi1,129 ft6.7%
MIDWAY STOP UP CHANTRY1.39 mi577 ft7.8%
Chantry: From Gate to Toilets3.10 mi1,181 ft7.2%
Chantry Flat from the Gate3.35 mi1,158 ft6.5%
Chantry - Why is the first part so steep?0.79 mi341 ft8.2%
Climb to Chantry Flats by Yo!3.07 mi1,168 ft7.2%
Chantry: Gate to Santa Anita Dam1.48 mi587 ft7.5%
RC 20 min Interval2.52 mi886 ft6.7%
i mean okay2.34 mi801 ft6.5%
RC - line to line , pole to pole0.60 mi226 ft7.2%
Chantry: Santa Anita Dam to Top1.64 mi551 ft6.3%
Chantry Flats Road Climb0.58 mi299 ft9.8%
Chantry Sprint Finish0.86 mi266 ft5.8%
F.O.A.D3.15 mi-1,198 ft-7.2%
Grandview Sprint3.32 mi-1,319 ft-7.5%
Fun and Safe 5K3.02 mi-1,188 ft-7.3%
Chantry Top to Stop2.77 mi-994 ft-6.8%
Chantry - OMG! Brutally Dangerous Descent!2.98 mi-1,188 ft-7.3%
RC DH2.47 mi-876 ft-6.7%
Chantry Descent - Who the fuck keeps blocking this? Fucking asshole Morons!2.98 mi-1,138 ft-7.2%
Chantry Descent - Stop Sign to Gate2.78 mi-1,050 ft-7.1%
Random Ass Segement0.56 mi-233 ft-7.9%
The flying mile0.77 mi-315 ft-7.7%
Santa Anita Descent (Elkins Ave to Foothill Blvd)1.22 mi-348 ft-5.4%
Santa Anita Descent 1.08 mi-325 ft-5.7%
Santa Grove T.T. 0.40 mi-36 ft-1.7%