Past Two Weeks

C510 Thursday Redwood/Pinehurst

Cycling Route

22.5 mi
2,446 ft
Created By
Eric Lambrecht

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Upper Sunnyhills0.43 mi95 ft4.1%
St James Dr0.73 mi39 ft0.2%
Park Blvd - Leimert to Monterey0.69 mi138 ft3.8%
Dimond Canyon Sprint0.67 mi157 ft4.4%
Butters Ascent (Joaquin Miller - Rishell)1.63 mi358 ft4.1%
Burdeck to Robinson1.25 mi318 ft4.3%
Butters Sprint0.40 mi118 ft5.5%
Rishell Halfpipe (get down, turn up)0.22 mi-66 ft-1.3%
Redwood Drop3.22 mi-489 ft-1.8%
Redwood Road Descent [From Skyline]2.42 mi-476 ft-3.7%
RedPine9.04 mi728 ft0.5%
Pinehurst (all of it)6.67 mi728 ft2.0%
Little Pinehurst Up AND Over - Redwood to Canyon2.68 mi-335 ft-0.1%
Pinehurst climb from Redwood Rd.1.27 mi308 ft4.6%
Little Pinehurst [from Redwood Rd.]1.20 mi305 ft4.8%
South Pinehurst from final left hairpin up to the top0.52 mi121 ft4.4%
POWER CORNER TO SUMMIT 0.25 mi79 ft5.9%
Pinehurst Descent 1st Half0.40 mi-82 ft-3.8%
Pinehurst descent1.29 mi-305 ft-4.5%
Pinehurst from Canyon Rd.3.94 mi709 ft3.4%
Pinehurst to Hairpin2.83 mi364 ft2.0%
Todds TT - Pinehurst to Yellow Sign2.30 mi217 ft1.8%
09/05/10 Oakland, CA2.03 mi545 ft5.1%
Verde Brand Communications Product Launch - verdepr.com1.40 mi459 ft6.2%
Pinehurst Climb from Lower Hairpin1.24 mi413 ft6.3%
Pinehurst - Lower Hairpin to Upper Hairpin0.75 mi203 ft5.1%
Pinehurst1.34 mi430 ft6.0%
Lower Pinehurst Climb0.72 mi190 ft5.0%
Pinehurst Stop Sign to Skyline & Ascot Climb1.80 mi476 ft5.0%
Pinehurst Upper Hairpin to Skyline0.46 mi203 ft8.3%
Skyline Power Climb (Pinehurst to Ascot Crest)1.05 mi171 ft3.1%
Skyline (from top of Pinehurst to Joaquin Miller)3.43 mi-315 ft-0.5%
Skyline Gate to Carisbrook0.43 mi108 ft4.7%
Big Ring Breh1.59 mi66 ft0.6%
Skyline power climb #20.45 mi66 ft2.8%
Skyline sprint, crest to crest near Chabot Space Center0.73 mi-33 ft-0.2%
Chabot - Sprint to the Line0.51 mi-33 ft-1.1%
C510 T/Th Sprint0.34 mi23 ft0.0%
Radical's Roberts0.25 mi20 ft1.1%
Joaquin Miller Sprint0.14 mi13 ft1.6%
Big Trees Speed Trap0.10 mi-39 ft-5.4%
Skyline Descent [to Joaquin Miller]0.96 mi-308 ft-6.0%
Joaquin Miller Meadow to Fwy0.77 mi-397 ft-9.7%
Extended Monterey Blvd Sprint0.73 mi-171 ft-4.2%
Dimond Canyon Actual Sprint0.34 mi-92 ft-5.1%
Down Monterey - Tunnel Sprint0.17 mi-39 ft-4.4%
Park descent0.71 mi-141 ft-3.8%
Park Blvd - Monterey to Trestle Glen0.66 mi-135 ft-3.8%
Down Park - Sprint to Estates0.20 mi-52 ft-4.9%
St James Return0.73 mi-102 ft-1.0%