Viking Tour - Thor

Cycling Route

29.84 mi
2,026 ft
Two rest stops. One at mile 15 (Port Gamble) and one at mile 26 (Stottlemeyer and Gunderson)
Created By
Nick Johnson
March 9, 2018·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Good Spot for a Nursing Home0.06 mi7 ft-0.2%
By the bay3.03 mi115 ft0.4%
Friends with Benefits1.45 mi269 ft3.3%
All Hail Caesar0.25 mi89 ft6.5%
Hot Toddy1.15 mi177 ft2.7%
Summer at the Cabin0.53 mi79 ft2.7%
Widme Rd. Northbound0.62 mi105 ft3.1%
Port Gamble Rd Ne Climb0.25 mi279 ft20.6%
Gunderson to Minder1.80 mi233 ft-2.2%
The REAL Viking Tour Time Trial3.73 mi118 ft-0.4%
Viking Tour Time Trial3.86 mi138 ft-0.4%
Washington 104 Climb1.43 mi295 ft3.9%
Port Gamble Road to Port Gamble2.72 mi69 ft0.1%
Port Gamble to Kitsap Memorial3.85 mi125 ft0.0%
Bridge Way - Big Valley Rd2.73 mi121 ft-0.0%
Ken's Hill0.48 mi118 ft4.5%
Beaver Bait0.47 mi43 ft1.7%
Long stair step Sawdust1.59 mi351 ft4.2%
Sawdust Hill0.81 mi318 ft7.4%
all the way up2.11 mi338 ft1.6%
Stottlemeyer Hill Repeats0.93 mi154 ft2.4%
Lincoln downhill0.41 mi157 ft-7.0%