Past Two Weeks

Bicycle Tasmania - Bike Week - Century Ride - 22 March 2015

Cycling Route

108.03 km
1,253 m
Created By
Peter T

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Rosny to Esp1.34 km23 m1.6%
Grind0.51 km24 m3.4%
Bridge to Simmons Park1.66 km-24 m-0.8%
Rose Bay-Lindy Express1.91 km12 m0.2%
Along the Esplanade - Simmons Carpark to Boatclub0.40 km4 m0.7%
Geilston Bay Sprint2.45 km28 m0.9%
Geilston to the Vale2.78 km51 m0.1%
round about to top5.70 km240 m4.1%
Grasstree Hill - Southern Side4.17 km219 m5.3%
Over Grasstree (Northwards)8.02 km209 m0.3%
Sugargrass4.00 km216 m5.4%
Top Of Grasstree Sprint0.31 km33 m10.3%
Grasstree Descent - Summit to Back Tea Tree Road4.12 km-201 m-4.9%
straight5.58 km-149 m-2.6%
the straight3.12 km-33 m-1.0%
The other Brinktop Climb0.77 km52 m6.7%
Brinktop descent Eastern side4.29 km-147 m-3.4%
Brinktop-Midway8.79 km-156 m-1.7%
Brinktop. Pain starts now.2.30 km-22 m-0.9%
penna half sprint0.79 km-9 m-1.0%
Penna Rd Sprint2.17 km-13 m-0.6%
school 2000.22 km2 m0.1%
penna sprint3.17 km31 m0.5%
Reynolds to Darwin Midway Point0.70 km22 m3.1%
Pittwater Rd - south3.42 km-5 m-0.1%
Triathlon Ride Return3.33 km12 m0.1%
Reverse Seven Mile TT3.10 km-2 m-0.1%
Beach to Estate Drive0.80 km-2 m-0.0%
Ralph's Run1.22 km-16 m-1.0%
Sandbar to Cremorne Ave 4.78 km7 m0.1%
Sandford Slog2.19 km9 m0.1%
Cremorne Ave Climb1.36 km39 m2.9%
Clifton Hill1.71 km73 m4.2%
Gellibrand -turnoff to top (north climb)1.32 km102 m7.5%
Jelly Gun Run10.96 km-116 m-0.1%
Gellibrand off-road climb0.37 km51 m13.5%
almost there...0.71 km47 m6.5%
Riflerange rd North6.95 km23 m0.0%
Rifle Range Road to Dixon Point Road Riser1.08 km15 m1.2%
Nigel's Dixon Attack2.21 km-20 m-0.8%
Rifle Range 2 Lauderdale2.19 km-9 m-0.2%
Estate Eliminator2.06 km11 m0.5%
Estate drive to mt rumny turn off8.18 km147 m1.8%
Acton Rd - Last stretch1.72 km25 m1.4%
Cambridge Climb3.29 km60 m1.8%
Servo to Rumney turn off3.28 km95 m2.9%
Pub to Bridge0.94 km15 m1.6%
Tunnel Hill West1.07 km51 m4.8%
Tunnel Hill Eastern side0.45 km23 m5.2%
Mornington Dippers1.43 km-39 m-2.8%