BTC loop to Adnams Southwold

Cycling Route

44.25 km
287 m
Created By
Howard C

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
MR S The start of your 1st big ride2.43 km9 m0.2%
Cromwell to Church2.88 km-19 m-0.6%
pub to london1.31 km-10 m-0.6%
pub to london1.31 km-10 m-0.7%
Weston Church Wind1.59 km-9 m-0.4%
Weston Church Wind1.58 km-9 m-0.4%
Reado's Run2.61 km13 m0.4%
Weston climb0.37 km12 m2.4%
Churchy Road1.81 km12 m0.6%
Fishtail1.92 km10 m0.5%
Twists and Hearns0.77 km7 m0.3%
Guymer Clima0.33 km7 m1.8%
The Stoven STAMPede (aka the kill zone)0.49 km-2 m-0.4%
Uggeshall Hills2.92 km-10 m-0.2%
St Mary's to A121.45 km6 m0.1%
Norfolk Rd Sprint0.40 km4 m0.9%
Wangford A12 to Southwold5.15 km-18 m-0.1%
Get your wang out.2.82 km15 m0.3%
Wangford Hill0.39 km9 m2.4%
Reydon Hall and church2.20 km-4 m-0.1%
Reydon Lane - Quay Lane0.41 km0 m0.0%
Sprint for the Reydon Sign (Wangford Rd)0.36 km0 m0.0%
Sprint for the Reydon sign MK II0.25 km0 m0.0%
school lane to jernyns road0.72 km-5 m-0.4%
jermyns road to loftus av0.49 km-2 m-0.4%
Bash the 'bout0.33 km2 m0.4%
Southwold uphill sprint finish0.34 km10 m3.0%
pier gav-a-new segment0.61 km4 m0.3%
redwald to old post office1.22 km5 m0.3%
Reydon-Wangford3.37 km10 m0.0%
Green Lane to Church Street2.80 km-10 m-0.2%
mardle to elms 1.10 km-12 m-0.6%
to the bypass0.58 km6 m0.3%
Ug Hall Pass3.02 km11 m0.3%
Wangford to Uggeshall 2.04 km9 m0.3%
Follow the black line0.98 km-6 m0.0%
Southwell Lane Round the Bends2.00 km13 m0.4%
Robyns Run Away1.18 km-5 m-0.0%
Sotterley straight2.10 km-16 m-0.3%
Green lane to Church road2.31 km-7 m-0.1%
Church road run2.05 km-12 m-0.6%
Gone to the dogs1.59 km6 m0.1%
To much cake0.71 km15 m1.8%
lagging behind on London Road2.63 km18 m0.2%
having a butchers1.30 km-12 m-0.6%
Welcome to Beccles0.55 km9 m1.6%
South Rd Ramp0.55 km8 m1.3%