Past Month

Ro: Pinery 40

Cycling Route

37.43 mi
2,772 ft
Created By
Bo Kristensen

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
E Wolfensberger Rd Climb0.46 mi279 ft11.3%
rock park hill sprint dt0.60 mi39 ft0.3%
Escavera II Climb2.37 mi348 ft2.8%
Canyon Drive Climb0.67 mi161 ft4.5%
Rhino's Run4.09 mi-423 ft-2.0%
Autumn to Pleasant View Dr (New Pavement)2.65 mi-233 ft-1.5%
CC North Castle Oaks to Bayou Gulch1.60 mi-43 ft-0.4%
Pradera Full2.14 mi315 ft2.8%
Pradera Hill0.82 mi125 ft2.9%
Upper Pradera Hill0.79 mi213 ft5.1%
Crowfoot Valley Road descent2.71 mi-292 ft-2.0%
Cherry Creek Trail South, Stroh to N. Pinery2.04 mi46 ft0.4%
N. Pinery to Ponderosa2.95 mi410 ft2.6%
Pinery Horseshoe6.08 mi394 ft0.2%
North Pinery Parkway3.31 mi436 ft2.2%
N Pinery Pkwy Climb2.87 mi407 ft2.7%
N Pinery Pkwy Lakeview to Ponderosa2.84 mi404 ft2.7%
Pinery Parkway Bottom to Top2.97 mi381 ft2.3%
N. Pinery Pkwy First Sprint KOM0.62 mi135 ft4.0%
Rolling recovery1.96 mi-187 ft-1.5%
South Pinery Descent2.63 mi-315 ft-2.2%
Surfing the Dragon's Back0.96 mi-105 ft-1.7%
Cherry creek trail Bayou gulch to Castle oaks2.00 mi102 ft0.9%
CobbleStone Gardens Hill0.95 mi164 ft3.2%
Cobblestone Climb toward Ridge Rd.3.73 mi322 ft1.6%
Castle Oaks Climb out of CC0.32 mi56 ft3.2%
Castle Oaks Blimb1.21 mi164 ft1.9%
castle oaks to circle3.99 mi348 ft1.7%
Pleasant View Drive to Crimson Sky Drive3.04 mi279 ft1.5%
Tiny Bump0.22 mi52 ft4.4%
Autumn Sage Ct - Castle Oaks To Copper Cloud Roundabout1.41 mi144 ft1.8%
Autumn Sage Court0.99 mi79 ft1.2%
Copper Cloud Street0.37 mi89 ft4.6%