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GLCC North Shore Loop

Cycling Route

64.74 km
965 m
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Carrington to Patiki4.96 km-36 m-0.6%
Full Northwestern Causeway - West5.16 km19 m0.1%
Northwestern Cycleway Sprint (West)2.40 km-6 m-0.2%
Cycle way sprint1.13 km3 m0.2%
Rosebank-Patiki Rise1.37 km-15 m-0.3%
Race to the bridge0.88 km-9 m-0.7%
Start to Whau Bridge to Te Atatu Climb0.57 km27 m4.3%
Bottom of Triangle to Sunnyvale3.37 km104 m3.1%
Triangle Rd1.26 km59 m4.7%
Cnr Don Buck to Water Tower1.94 km32 m1.5%
Redhills to Taupaki Rd6.54 km-71 m-0.6%
Sunnyvale to Nelson2.00 km-27 m-1.2%
The Red Hills Run4.68 km-70 m-1.4%
Nixon Race you to the stump1.40 km-22 m-1.4%
Taupaki Climb0.51 km2 m0.4%
Riverhead Rd sprint0.76 km-7 m-0.7%
Riverhead Straight0.48 km-1 m-0.3%
riverhead bridge leadup0.34 km-15 m-4.4%
Over the bridge hill climb0.21 km15 m7.1%
NZC Ridge to Brookdale3.83 km68 m1.8%
Ridge Road to Coatesville / Riverhead Highway9.16 km103 m1.0%
Ridge rd ramp1.45 km53 m3.6%
NZ Cyclist Snake on Ridge0.51 km26 m5.0%
Ridge Road Hill Sprint 20.24 km17 m7.0%
Ridge Road Final Ramp0.24 km10 m3.4%
State Highway 17 Climb0.63 km161 m25.2%
Albany Heights/ Lonely Track eastbound5.03 km-47 m-0.5%
Albany Heights, sniper up to Wright Rd0.18 km16 m7.6%
East Coast Rd: Lonely Track to Northcross1.02 km-36 m-3.4%
ECB South1.66 km17 m0.9%
East Coast Rd (Northcross to Milford Heights)8.73 km-64 m-0.4%
East Coast Rd, sniper south to Oaktree0.28 km17 m5.9%
ECB Flat0.54 km-4 m-0.8%
Hastings to Kowhai1.40 km17 m1.0%
East Coast - Sunset to Forrest Hill1.71 km-15 m-0.5%
Sunset to Milford4.10 km-70 m-1.7%
Sunnynook to Aberdeen1.12 km-18 m-0.4%
East Coast Crossing Sprint0.38 km4 m0.1%
Aberdeen to Seaview downhill1.53 km-40 m-2.5%
Seaview to Shakespeare downhill1.48 km-59 m-3.9%
Echelon's Final Frontier1.86 km9 m0.3%
1km Tiri to Earnoch, Takapuna1.00 km-5 m-0.0%
Hauraki Light sprint North0.55 km10 m1.7%
The Mad Dash1.39 km-13 m-0.0%
Hauraki Hammer3.74 km-33 m-0.2%
TGS Downhill0.62 km-14 m-2.1%
Belmont Sprint Climb0.39 km11 m2.6%
Kings Store Sprint0.19 km6 m3.1%
NZ Cyclist Fire Drill1.29 km28 m0.1%
Lake RD Golf course sprint0.40 km5 m0.4%