Ro: Bear Dance 50

Cycling Route

51.51 mi
3,460 ft
Created By
Bo Kristensen

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Frontage Rd Southbound between the Parkways1.85 mi141 ft1.2%
TT Castle Rock I-25 Service Road6.62 mi285 ft0.8%
Karl's Sprint0.32 mi30 ft1.7%
Jellystone to Tomah (North)1.99 mi-98 ft-0.9%
indepence-lake-bear dance climb4.02 mi387 ft1.8%
Larkspur Throwdown6.02 mi472 ft1.5%
Tomah to Round about2.33 mi190 ft1.5%
Bear Dance Dr Climb0.67 mi364 ft10.2%
Bear Dance CC - Southbound3.28 mi348 ft1.9%
Start the climb up Bear Dance to Golf Course Parking Lot1.07 mi256 ft4.5%
Sky View Ln Climb0.50 mi161 ft5.7%
tenderfoot dr to larkspur elementary climb2.22 mi282 ft2.3%
Quartz mt rd climb2.05 mi266 ft2.5%
Independence / Quartz Mountain1.30 mi223 ft3.2%
Renissance PUNCH0.16 mi33 ft3.5%
Perry Park Ave - Eastbound from School 1.15 mi-253 ft-3.8%
PP Ave Descent into Larkspur - Eastbound0.95 mi-256 ft-5.1%
Spruce Mt Rd full climb fm/Fox Farm Rd3.12 mi407 ft2.5%
First hill South0.42 mi89 ft3.9%
Spruce Mt Rd Climb2.52 mi285 ft2.1%
Spruce Mountain Rd Larkspur to Palmer Lake6.67 mi443 ft1.3%
Spruce Kicker0.63 mi105 ft3.1%
Spruce Mtn Rd - No Name to Palmer Lake4.35 mi151 ft0.7%
Spruce Mountain Open Space Roller0.22 mi46 ft3.3%
SSMR - Spruce Mtn Ranch to PL1.96 mi141 ft1.4%
Perry Park climb out of Palmer Lake1.52 mi138 ft1.5%
Perry Park Rd - 105 to Fox Farm Turnoff5.67 mi-469 ft-1.2%
105 North (Palmer Lake to Tomah)11.73 mi-1,056 ft-1.4%
105 Dash8.69 mi-787 ft-1.5%
Tail Wind Speeder0.95 mi-233 ft-4.6%
105 North Bound's Flying Circus5.10 mi-640 ft-2.4%
Drop it like its Hot4.44 mi-472 ft-2.0%
Fox Farm to Tomah - Northbound6.19 mi-495 ft-1.4%
Fox Farm to Perry Park Ave. (Northbound)2.05 mi-194 ft-1.8%
Perry Park Rollers Sprint0.39 mi30 ft1.5%
105 North Perry pk to Tomah4.26 mi-289 ft-1.1%
P Park Ave to R Rock Dr1.11 mi-151 ft-2.5%
105 Legbreaker (northbound, after perry park entrance)0.28 mi62 ft4.2%
Perry Park rd to Tomah rd climb2.77 mi489 ft3.3%
Tomah Road Climb2.19 mi463 ft4.0%
Tomah Road1.16 mi295 ft4.8%
Tomah Final Stretch1.08 mi200 ft3.5%
Tomah Road steEPest Part0.20 mi79 ft7.5%
Tomah descent eastbound1.22 mi-259 ft-4.0%
Tomah to Jellystone1.99 mi98 ft0.9%
Elephant Rock Frontage Road5.05 mi-197 ft-0.7%
NB Frontage Road Tomah to CR6.63 mi-262 ft-0.7%
Erock Home stretch TT5.07 mi-194 ft-0.7%
Crystal Valley Parkway Entrance To East Plum Creek Trail1.81 mi-141 ft-1.2%