Ro: Russellville 50

Cycling Route

52.73 mi
3,571 ft
Created By
Bo Kristensen

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Haystack Dr Climb0.95 mi282 ft5.6%
Lake Gulch Road leaving Castle Rock3.45 mi486 ft2.6%
Gulchy to CVP1.44 mi112 ft1.4%
PC to 839.24 mi594 ft1.1%
Lake Gulch Climb0.32 mi141 ft8.1%
S Lake Gulch Rd Climb1.27 mi266 ft3.9%
Russellville Rd #1 - Northbound1.29 mi-98 ft-0.3%
Russellville - Anderson to Patterson1.52 mi-82 ft-0.9%
Tomichi-Russelville to Caribou2.75 mi407 ft2.4%
Tomich Drive Climb2.89 mi384 ft2.3%
East Tomich Drive Climb3.03 mi384 ft2.0%
Deerfield Rd Climb1.23 mi276 ft4.2%
Go to Doe0.32 mi102 ft5.9%
The Pitch on Deerfield0.25 mi75 ft5.5%
Flintwood Descent1.31 mi-233 ft-3.4%
Punchers Hill0.26 mi56 ft3.7%
Sparky's Nemesis1.90 mi-72 ft-0.6%
Numb Nuts Attack0.33 mi46 ft2.4%
Pradera Full2.14 mi315 ft2.8%
Pradera Hill0.82 mi125 ft2.9%
Upper Pradera Hill0.79 mi213 ft5.1%
Crowfoot - Pradera to Top0.52 mi135 ft4.8%
Pradera to Sapphire point2.62 mi213 ft1.5%
Crowfoot Decent to Founders0.64 mi-131 ft-3.1%
Founders Sprint - CFV to Woodlands Blvd0.48 mi-72 ft-2.8%
Front Street Sprint, southbound from Sante Fe to North Liggett0.77 mi-36 ft-0.2%