Little T: Soledad Canyon, Sand Canyon up to Bear Divide, over Little T, return

Cycling Route

51.63 mi
5,019 ft
Little T: Soledad Canyon, Sand Canyon up to Bear Divide, over Little T, return
Created By
Santa Clarita Valley Velo, Santa Clarita, CA
December 25, 2014·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Chicane to Bowling Alley (east)1.40 mi46 ft0.6%
Dentist Office to Church Sprint0.26 mi36 ft2.6%
Lost Canyon to Solon Ave0.81 mi89 ft1.8%
Sand CYN TT From 76 to Placerita3.25 mi315 ft1.6%
sand canyon half1.47 mi105 ft0.8%
14 to Bear Picnic6.13 mi1,184 ft3.5%
Sand Canyon Sprint1.93 mi217 ft2.1%
Bear Divide2.93 mi843 ft5.4%
Little T Placerita to 7-1113.91 mi1,617 ft-1.0%
Little Tujunga First Mile0.98 mi315 ft5.8%
Little Tujunga Canyon Rd Climb0.45 mi282 ft11.5%
Santa Clara Divide Road Climb0.39 mi272 ft13.2%
Little Tujunga 2nd mile1.05 mi410 ft7.3%
Don't Kick the Bear!0.47 mi200 ft7.6%
Little Tujunga - Bear Divide to Dillon Divide4.26 mi689 ft0.1%
Lil T Back Side of Bear Descent1.66 mi646 ft-7.4%
Little Tujunga South1.46 mi581 ft7.5%
Little T-S Sec 40.31 mi164 ft9.9%
Little Tujunga Decent Top to Bridge2.23 mi873 ft-7.3%
Little T Fun Time3.36 mi1,148 ft-6.4%
Little T Descent (to stop sign)5.05 mi1,378 ft-5.2%
Full Little Tujunga - Osborne to Bear11.22 mi1,608 ft2.6%
Little Tujunga - 1st Summit (Ranger Station)5.59 mi1,437 ft4.9%
Little T - Last Push0.29 mi102 ft6.6%
Purgatory2.82 mi663 ft4.0%
Little T 2nd Climb to Bear Divide1.39 mi568 ft7.7%
Little T-Bear Sec 20.55 mi253 ft8.1%
Bear Divide to Botton of Creek2.06 mi666 ft-6.1%
Bear Bomb 10.48 mi194 ft-7.2%
Bear Bomb 21.59 mi551 ft-6.6%
No Brakes0.73 mi292 ft-7.4%
Pedal it out0.87 mi138 ft-3.0%
Sand Canyon TT (placerita to lost cyn)2.70 mi299 ft-2.1%
Iron Canyon Sprint0.29 mi26 ft-1.7%
CC 1K0.51 mi98 ft-1.5%
Soledad @ Gailxy to Lost CYN0.75 mi98 ft-1.5%
Left on to Lost From Soledad0.13 mi23 ft-3.5%
BP from beginning to Camp Plenty2.32 mi125 ft-1.0%
Lost Cyn to 140.49 mi30 ft-1.1%
Bike Path TT @Beginning of BP to Bowling Alley4.67 mi249 ft-1.0%
14 to Sierra Hwy0.83 mi43 ft-1.0%
sierra to whites cyn west0.95 mi46 ft-0.9%
Sierra to Rainbow2.10 mi105 ft-0.9%
Home Depot to Bowling Alley0.88 mi46 ft-1.0%
Bowling Alley to Chicane Sprint1.49 mi59 ft-0.7%
West of Construction to Chicane0.88 mi33 ft-0.6%
Under Bouquet (W)0.43 mi49 ft-2.0%
Valencia Blvd. TT1.15 mi33 ft-0.5%
Valencia Bike Path Sprint0.43 mi13 ft0.2%